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Cycling Dirt Coverage

Trail Race Sat May 1, 2010

HERA Tours for Joyce Fundraiser Saturday May 1, 2010
$5.00 donation must pre-reg at bike reg or register at event
11:00 guided tours of race course
Groups based on ability level.

HERA Time Trial for Joyce
1pm $10 *MUST PRE REG*
Saturday May 1, 2010 Pre Reg only

All or our HERA events are dedicated to Joyce who

is an ambassador for HERA Foundation. Over the years, Joyce has played an integral part in making this event possible. Joyce was great at helping us raise awareness for ovarian cancer by sharing her story. Right now Joyce is struggling with recurrence and she won't be able to speak at the race this year. She'll be here in spirit though as she continues to inspire us!







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Andrew Mein's Excellent Adventure
at Granogue 2010
2900 Montchanin Road
Wilmington, DE 19807
Sunday May 2, 2010

Andrew Mein's Excellent Adventure at Granogue is dedicated to the loving memory of our dear friend Andrew Mein. Andrew was a founder of the Wooden Wheels Mountain bike team, a stalwart in the cycling community, a loving husband, a superb trials rider, capable of amazing flatulence, a terrible bass player, an incredible mechanic, and a very good friend.

Andrew was struck by a car and killed in 1998 while commuting home from work on his favorite bike at the time, a steel fixed gear road bike. Andrew was a hipster 10 years before hipsters knew they were hipsters.

This race is put on not in his memory, but as a celebration of his life, and his vision of mountain bike racing. Andrew believed in fierce and fair competition, and having a great time doing it. Andrew was known for saying, "always be an ambassador for the sport" and for bringing many new racers into the game. Andrew was a fan of punk rock and the community and grass roots nature that came with it. Please join us in this celebration.













banner photos courtesy of Dennis Smith

















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